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Here at My Infinite Being, our philosophy is that anxiety that plays a predominant part in an individuals life has a root. Whether that root is hereditary, or is some form of disorder or trauma, anxiety is anxiety. We are not here to judge anyone as we are not doctors, we are only here to teach meditation techniques that we strongly believe help us stay in the moment which decreases anxiety.  

So whether you are a 12 stepper or getting help for your anxiety through counselling, medication or you feel you want to be live more in the moment you are in the right place. It's about realizing who we really are and what we are going to do about it. This universe in all its spectacularity and infinite possibilities is exactly the same fabric we are made from. Let us realize all of this in an instant and always stay in the process and never look at success or failure. Be in today, right now.

So this is where we will begin our journey together. Let's find out more about ourselves and how to become the best we can be with less anxiety.

My Infinite Being

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